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The Internet People LLP web site If you want affordable quality web hosting from a friendly, professional supplier, then visit The Internet People LLP. They have a range of packages to suit various requirements, or they can custom-tailor a package to your individual requirements. Web
Hosting, POP3 and web-based email, PHP, Databases, etc.

The Internet People LLP web site The Internet People LLP also offer professionally designed intuitive and user friendly web site design. From simple display pages, to detailed site design, with forums, databases, php, shopping carts and online payment and stock control systems.

Intuitive Training web siteIntuitive Training produce Computer Based Training (CBT) resources to teach programming in C, C++ and Java from Level 1 to Level 3.

Kith and Kin Genealogy web site If you want to have your family tree on the internet, it might be easier than you think. This site tells you how to get your family tree on the internet - and then other researchers could contact you!