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Doc Controller

The Document Controller is a menu-based system for selecting or printing documents. It is like a mini-explorer, but its high-level menu display allows grouping and fast selection of documents.

In many companies, staff need to easily access many documents and folders regularly. The DocController provides a front-end for this.

Staff can select a document from a list, without needing to know where the document is stored on the system. It could be anywhere on the network, and have any name - the user selects the document by its description. A mouse click opens the document, or prints the document.

The program reads its information from an easily modifiable database, and saves users having to trawl through folders and files to find the one they want. Time saving and user-satisfaction are immediately apparent.

DocController is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and NT. It is network compliant, with a minimal footprint. It uses Windows file extension system to know which application to use for a document, so it can handle practically anything - word documents, spreadsheets, databases, acrobat pdfs, html, folder shortcuts - whatever you have installed on your system.